On to the Next One: Predicting 2016

Yeah, the midterms weren’t fun, but we can clean things up in 2016.  Or can we?

Larry J. Sabato founded and directs the University of Virginia Center for Politics.  He’s also in charge of the Center’s Crystal Ball, a website which tries to predict election results.  They provide analysis on presidential, senate, and gubernatorial races, as well as tight House races.  The Crystal Ball has a pretty solid record — to throw a few stats out there, they had 99% accuracy in 2004, 100% in 2008, and 97% in 2012.

The Crystal Ball recently put out a couple pieces looking at what might happen in 2016.

Senate 2016: The Republicans’ 2012 Homework discusses how the 2016 Senate race might go.  Do the Democrats have a shot at reclaiming the Senate, and what would that take? (Spoiler: it’s gonna be tough)

Governors 2016: Republicans to Make Further Gains? explores which way the gubernatorial elections might go in 2016.  The Republicans currently have 31 governorships nationally.  11 seats go up in 2015 and 2016 — what does that mean for the Dems?