Welcome to the UC Dems blog!

Here you can read posts from UChicago students about their thoughts, ideas, propositions, and analyses on politics. This blog is an opportunity for students to write on things they care about and receive support and advice on their writing.  We encourage UC Dems, representatives of other RSOs, and any other UChicago students to contribute!

We’re very flexible in what we’re looking for in submissions. Nevertheless, we have a few guidelines to help you think about what you want to submit:
  • There’s no word count requirement. Shorter pieces (200-300 words or even less), long form (1000-1500 words or even more), and anything in between is acceptable (within reason, of course). If you’re writing a longer piece (or really any piece), adding links or pictures is encouraged but definitely not required.
  • Make sure your post is somehow related to politics, but “politics” is open to interpretation. A very wide range of topics will be accepted, but you do want to make sure that it somehow makes sense for your piece to appear on our blog.
  • We’re here to help! If you want any help with writing or editing, reach out – this blog is both a platform for you to voice your ideas and a space where you can improve your writing skills.
For more ideas on what we’re looking for, browse some of the posts that are already on the blog. They are only a small sample of what we might accept, but they can at least offer some inspiration.