What We’re Reading: Fourth Week

It might be the height of midterms, but this past week had some great reads that you should check out during your next study break:

  • In case you missed anything, here’s the full transcript of the Democratic Debate. But if you don’t want to read through the whole transcript, the New York Times compiled some highlights of the Democratic Debate.
  • Jeb Bush is scaling way back on his campaign spending — his campaign claims they’re just trying to be more efficient, but many suspect this is indicative of his weakening chances as the Trump and Carson campaigns get stronger.
  • We’ve all been focused on November 2016, but what about 2015? Just a week and a half away (November 3rd) a lot of important elections will be decided. Here’s the top 10 elections to watch this election day.
  • Anne-Marie Slaughter explains that the real issue is that we devalue people who care for others: that we claim that women are only equal when they are doing what is traditionally men’s work, and we don’t value the contributions of those who care for others. “If you’re really going to have equality, you’ve got to value both kinds of work…What’s really going on here is we are discriminating against people who have to care for others, which is a role that society needs people to play.”
  • Bernie’s support stretches to very different groups than you might expect, thanks to his platform of economic populism. He’s got some support even among conservatives from states like Texas and Indiana, who think he’s “middle of the road“: “Data-driven analysis is only as good as the categories by which you sift the information. If you’ve already decided that ‘liberals’ are the people who prefer locally sourced arugula to eating at McDonald’s, or are the people who don’t watch Fox News, it is a reasonable conclusion that there aren’t enough ‘liberals’ out there to elect Bernie Sanders. Yet political categories shift.” Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders went on the offensive against Hillary: “Bernie Sanders is giving Hillary Clinton a pass on her ‘damn emails,’ but he’s giving her hell on just about everything else.”

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