What We’re Reading: 3rd Week

It was a big week for us here at UC Dems (shoutout to all who came to our Democratic Debate last night!), but we still got some reading in. Here’s the news that caught our interest this week:


  • The chaos of the GOP presidential candidate field isn’t going to be resolved quickly after the primaries start; thanks to some new rules in 2012, the Republicans’ primary season will likely take a good while.
  • Unlike previous years, where some strange candidates emerge early on but soon reach their demise, the unexpected names of 2016 (think Trump, Carson, and Cruz) have stayed atop the polls.
  • The Supreme Court is examining Obama’s use of executive actions in overhauling immigration rules. The Court plans to add their own question, and ask whether Obama has violated his obligations to enforce the nation’s law; the decision of this case could have long-term and far-reaching consequences for the scope of presidential power.
  • Lovely news out of Wisconsin, as always these days…this week, the Wisconsin Senate voted to strip $7.5 million of federal funding from Planned Parenthood. They want to place limits on how much Planned Parenthood can be reimbursed for prescription drugs acquired through Medicaid, and they will prevent Planned Parenthood from receiving Title X funding.

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