Dems Digest- Week 2

Source: NPR

Happy second week! Here’s what’s going on:

News You Can Use

Momentum shifts away from front-runners as Cruz and Sanders pick up wins in Wisconsin.

(The Washington Post disputes this momentum. The Times says Trump brought it on himself.)

Paul Ryan definitely doesn’t want to run for President if the GOP needs to choose another candidate. Remember when he definitely didn’t want to be House Speaker either?

Anonymous papers leaked by a Panamanian law firm implicate politicians for things like offshore accounts. Iceland’s Prime Minister has resigned as a result.

An Amtrak train derailed, raising questions about the safety of public transit across the country.

US women’s soccer filed a complaint against US soccer for wage discrimination.

SCOTUS upholds one person one vote.

What We’re Reading

Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff has endorsed Clinton.

That Sanders interview everyone is talking about.

Trump says Lyin’ Ted has stolen the election.

What it looks like when Trump says he’s wrong. (Favorite parts: “Besides, he noted, he gets attacked on his looks, too. “My hair is just fine, but I get attacked on my hair,” he said. “But if I attack someone else on their hair, they’d say, ‘Oh, what a terrible thing to do.’” “I can be so presidential if I want.”)

Charles Blow: “For a Democratic Party that prides itself on the grand ideals of inclusion and fairness, the nominating process is anything but.”


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