Daniel Jellins: Why Hillary?

Source: ABC News

Daniel Jellins is UC Dems’ Events Director, a second-year Law, Letters and Society major, and an ardent Hillary supporter. Here’s his opinion on why Democratic voters should choose Hillary:

Why I am Voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton!

by Daniel Jellins

Over the course of the last year, the primary campaign has been framed as this battle between sky-in-the-pie and practical ideals, pragmatism vs. idealism. Not only that, another undercurrent of this election has been a battle between a pure and tainted candidate. I want to dispel the notion that being solely idealistic is good for our country. In this manner, the choice for President is clear, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

First off, what have we learned over the last 8 years? For me, if I have learned anything, it is that Republicans will be obstructionist. Redistricting has made our politicians listen to the fringes and not be held responsible for the center. I believe it is in that center that people govern for that is where progress is forged. Some might retort that these compromises are bad. Well, I would argue, no solution or compromise is worse. Essentially saying, “Yea, let’s make the problem worse because I don’t like an aspect of the solution” is a ludicrous way to solve our problems. That is what congressional Republicans want and that is what they have done. To me, the higher calling is compromise. On the concept of moral high ground and compromise, I will cede no ground to Bernie. I believe that he is lying by omission to Americans, telling us things that he doesn’t know how to do, hasn’t studied, and knows he couldn’t accomplish (Please read this interview, it’s absolutely stunning). This next President has many challenges, from problems in the Middle East to the deep societal disparities that are ever growing bigger. Let’s have an intellectually honest conversation on solutions.

A future Hillary Presidency, to me, means that the government will work again. I believe, yes, her platform when turned into laws will change and have compromise, but it will pass. Whether it is her plans on the opioid epidemic, health care, jobs, or climate change, her plans match her words. They are detailed but bold. They are progressive but achievable. More importantly, I believe that she can make the government work again. To me, that is more idealistic than saying that the system is broken and giving up on that system. To me, it is nobler to fix American government than to leave it. I think that is one of the fundamental differences between those who support Bernie and those who support Hillary. The system might be broken, but I believe it can be fixed and shouldn’t be trashed. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice”. Bernie’s actions do not demonstrate that he believes MLK. Hillary’s history suggests she does.

My last point is simple. Now that the election has started taking place and people have voted, where do we go from here? What this election so far has shown is that Democratic voters agree. SHE has more raw votes; therefore, SHE has more pledged delegates. I fail to see the rigged system here. Strip away the superdelegates, and what do you get? You get a Hillary lead. When I see the Bernie campaign saying that they are going to convince superdelegates at the convention that they should back Bernie, it makes my blood boil. How in the world is THAT democratic? How in the world is THAT what Bernie stands for? Truth is it isn’t democratic nor what Bernie stands for. His campaign understands the dynamics of the race. Failing a dramatic shift in voting patterns, they are going to lose. Fact of the matter is that more people who have cast their votes, which translated into more delegates, believe in Hillary Rodham Clinton. Who am I, more importantly, who is Bernie to question the will of the people with condescending disparagement of the South (and with coded words, Black people).

I believe in Hillary Clinton. I believe Hillary Clinton. I believe that our government system is broken, but I also believe that it should and can be fixed instead of trashed. Hillary is the person, the woman, for the job. She has earned my vote. I hope she’ll earn yours.

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