Mikala Cohen: Why Hillary?

Source: The New York Times

Mikala Cohen is a second-year Political Science and Environmental Studies double major, and UC Dems’ Executive Director. She left the undecided camp after his September speech at UChicago, and now strongly supports Hillary. Here’s what she has to say about the race for the Democratic nominee:

When I looked at the different candidates running for the Democratic nomination for President last summer, I was struck by the great similarity among the platforms and policy proposals of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley. While I am now a committed Florida voter that was ecstatic when she voted for Clinton in the primary and is excited to vote for her in the general, I truly considered Bernie Sanders as my preferred candidate for office. His proposals sounded grand and akin to fantastical liberal dreams that had always seemed ideal but unlikely. As an undecided primary voter coming to campus in September, I was truly and authentically unsure. Senator Sanders’ first visit to campus provided me with the necessary information, or lack thereof, that informed my confident decision to actively and enthusiastically former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

When asked the question of how he could possibly follow through on his progressive proposals of free college, breaking up the banks and ending inequality in this country, he responded that his election would bring a “political revolution” of thousands of Americans knocking on Mitch McConnell’s Senate door to demand change. Sanders has characterized his campaign and the support he has generated for his candidacy in his deserved state wins and fabulous rallies as the beginning of this supposed revolution. I want a candidate that can and will explain their policy proposals with detail and logical explanations for how she will make progress as the President of the United States of America.

I support Hillary Clinton because she has outlined how she will challenge gender equity in this country for women in the workforce fighting for equal pay and single mothers struggling to get their children in kindergarten. When it comes to debt-free college, a commonsense approach to combating ISIS and related terrorist forces, and actively dealing with the heroin epidemic, she has explained how and why she act as President. I listened to Bernie Sanders with hope in Rockefeller Chapel in the fall and left the famed UChicago landmark with unease about the presidential race. Several months later in the midst of winter in Des Moines, I was privileged to go to one of the precincts in Iowa caucuses where I met Hillary and Bernie supporters alike. Witnessing civically-minded community members argue rationally and passionately for their respective candidate reaffirmed my confidence that no matter the outcome, the Democratic nominee for President will win in November.

Why was I so proud to stand in the rafters of Hillary’s Iowa victory party later that night? Because I am confident that as President, she will push through and accomplish great progress for all Americans.

For more in the Bernie vs. Hillary op-ed series, here’s Daniel Jellins on why he also supports Hillary, and for a different perspective, here’s Robin Ye’s opinion on why he supports Bernie.

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