Back to School!

Hello, Dems new and old!

After a long and eventful summer, it’s so exciting to be back in Hyde Park with all of you. I spent the summer interning in DC, and experiencing our current political turmoil from the center of the action was very special. However, I’m glad to be back: Dems (and UChicago) presents a unique opportunity to take a step back, survey what’s going on in the world, admit how little we know (and seek to remediate that), and finally come to our own conclusions.

That being said: Dems isn’t all about the presentations and discussions we have every Monday evening in Bartlett Trophy Lounge. We’ve got great speakers lined up for this year, starting on Monday, Oct. 3 with Sean Rapelyea, Illinois Political Director for the Clinton campaign.

We’ve also got campaign opportunities galore – candidates running in competitive elections across Illinois are looking for smart UChicago students to volunteer or intern, and we’ll talk more about how to get involved at our meetings. We’re holding weekly Monday phone banks starting Oct. 3 for candidates like Tammy Duckworth, Jan Schakowsky, and Brad Schneider and will travel as a group to campaign with College Democrats of Illinois on our October 8th Day of Action – an event featuring Kim Foxx and other up-and-coming Chicago progressives. We’ll also have the chance to join UChicago for Hillary in their weekly phone banking and the occasional canvassing trip!

All these offerings require a ton of inspiration, planning, logistics, communicating, leadership, and strategy. If any of those ~buzzwords~ speaks to you, consider the many opportunities we’re providing to get involved in Dems leadership. First there’s our communications team, which will plan and write blog content, get general members to contribute to the blog, liaise with organizations like the Gate, and run our social media accounts. We also have opportunities for members interested in photography as well as graphic design and marketing. We’re not just a social club – we present an opportunity to develop real skills and get legitimate teamwork and leadership experience.

Thanks for staying with me through the wall of text. I’m excited to start the year with you and excited to help you any way I can! If there are campaigns you want to get involved in, speakers you want to invite to campus, or topics you want to cover at meetings, don’t hesitate to let me know.

See you on Monday at 6 PM in Bartlett Trophy Lounge for our first meeting!

Until then,


One thought on “Back to School!

  • 10/10 GET INVOLVED WITH DEMS. Devil-in-the-Flesh Governor Bruce Rauner was elected in 2014 partially because the Illinois Youth vote didn’t turn out the way it needed to to carry Democrats across the finish line! Don’t make that mistake again in 2016! Get active, stay involved!


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