To President Trump on Muslim Ban 2.0

Words can’t express my dismay at Donald Trump’s latest executive order. His Muslim ban is as unconscionable now as it was a month ago. Our president has put party before country once again, abandoning basic human decency to score political points.

President Trump knows well that no one becomes a refugee by choice. Refugees look to America as their last, best hope, and by turning them away we’ll sentence many to death. All they ask is mercy, and a safe haven in America. History will judge us by the answer we give.

Most of us were born Americans. Immigrants weren’t, but they chose to come here. That should be proof of their love for this country, and reason enough to give them a warm welcome. That’s why we’ve taken in millions like them already, including Donald Trump’s grandfather, his mother, and his spouse. President Trump wants to pull up the ladder of opportunity behind him, hurting our friends, our classmates, and our families.

Our duty now is to resist this order, protecting immigrants on our campus and in our city. In 2018, the people will have their say on the Trump agenda. It’ll be up to us to send a message, and restore sanity to Washington. But migrants and refugees can’t wait two years – they need staunch defenders, and they need them now. That’s why we’ll never stop caring or fighting for their rights – whenever we can, for as long as it takes.

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