TRUMP TRACKER – Trump’s First 100 Days

Today, April 29th marks 100 days since Donald Trump’s inauguration.  His intentions for this point in his presidency were HUGE.   While he has failed bigly in reaching many of his goals, he has still managed to do quite a bit of damage.  However, because I’m not tryna find out if WordPress has a word limit on blog posts, I’m only offering some of the most notable highlights.

  • January 20th – Trump was inaugurated. While Trump took to Twitter and claimed that the ratings for the event were up, the crowd size was lackluster.  Surprisingly, the A list celebrities could not even get tickets!

jan 20th tweet

  • January 20th – Somebody told Trump what an executive order was, and he signs his first one which decreases Obamacare regulation.
  • January 22nd – Kellyanne Conway explains that the reason Trump doesn’t make sense is because he uses “alternative facts.”
  • January 24th – More insightful tweets from POTUS

jan 24th.png

  • January 27th – Trump signs the order which temporarily suspends the U.S. refugee program; he targets nations with a majority Muslim population.
  • January 28th – Apparently the New York Times is both fake and failing.
  • January 30th – Trump fires Attorney General Sally Yates for refusing to enforce the Muslim ban.
  • January 31st – Trump, even though he does not have a full four years left in his term, nominates Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.
  • February 5th – Judges continue to block the Muslim ban, and Trump gets frustrated when he realizes that checks and balances are a real thing.

february 5th

  • February 7th – Pence comes out of hiding to cast an unprecedented, tie-breaking vote to confirm Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary.
  • February 7th – Mitch McConnell’s complex is threatened, and he interrupts and silences Elizabeth Warren on the Senate Floor. “Nevertheless, She Persisted!”
  • February 13th – It was released that Michael Flynn has ties to Russia and steps down as national security adviser.
  • February 14th – Trump helps out the “failing New York Times” by pitching an idea.

february 14th

  • February 20th – Happy Not My President’s Day!
  • February 20th – Trump has the lowest one month approval rating of any president.
  • February 22nd – Master puppeteer Mike Pence starts pulling the strings, and Trump reverses the Obama administration’s instructions to let transgender students use the bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity.
  • March 4th – Trump took to Twitter…again. This time he accused Obama of wiretapping.

March 4th


  • March 6th – House Republicans release their bill to repeal and replace Obamacare.
  • March 21st – Trump threatens to ruin the careers of House GOP if they do not vote in favor of the AHCA.
  • April 6th – Trump launches cruise missiles into Syria.
  • April 10th – Neil Gorsuch is sworn into the Supreme Court.
  • April 11th – Sean Spicer lets us all know that Hitler did not use chemical weapons….
  • April 12th – Apparently Syria is the new Aleppo, as Trump does not know the difference between Syria and Iraq. His chocolate cake was apparently really good tho.
  • April 12th – Somebody told Trump what NATO was. He no longer views it to be obsolete.
  • April 28th – The government did not shutdown… yet.

~Victoria Koffsky

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