Typical Musings from Dems Meetings

By Rachel Neuburger The UC Dems meet on Thurdays at 6:00 pm in Harper 145. Come out tonight to hear from Daniel Comeaux (BA '14), a UC Dems Alum who now works at Civic Consulting Alliance! Last Thursday, the UC Dems met in Harper to chat about the state of the 2016 presidential race. In … Continue reading Typical Musings from Dems Meetings


What We’re Reading: Eighth Week

Only six days of class left, let's go. Before you do anything else, bad lip reading of the first Democratic Debate: Some great reads from the past week... President Obama and Bill Simmons: The GQ Interview "There's the president of the United States, and then there’s the person who happens to be the President of the … Continue reading What We’re Reading: Eighth Week

What We’re Reading: Sixth Week

Hopefully you've survived the onslaught of midterms and have a reprieve for at least a couple weeks. If you find yourself with some time, here are some great reads from the past week: Real Clear Politics has a very thorough assessment of Boehner's legacy A very thorough profile on Marco Rubio, delving into the hazy … Continue reading What We’re Reading: Sixth Week

What We’re Reading: Fourth Week

It might be the height of midterms, but this past week had some great reads that you should check out during your next study break: In case you missed anything, here's the full transcript of the Democratic Debate. But if you don't want to read through the whole transcript, the New York Times compiled some highlights of … Continue reading What We’re Reading: Fourth Week

What We’re Reading: Third Week

We're all abuzz with speculation over what might be the impact of the Democrats' first primary debate. Here are some articles exploring how things are setting up for 2016 on both the right and left: Roll Call is a fantastic source for Capitol Hill news (not an article, but a  website you should keep bookmarked!) CBS's big monthly poll of … Continue reading What We’re Reading: Third Week