Style not Substance: A Response to Governor Haley’s Response


Governor Haley began her response magnanimously, recognizing the importance of President Obama’s election to the country and alluding to the troubled pasts of South Carolina and the union as a whole. Although Haley extended a gracious hand to the other side of the aisle in the opening moments of her speech, she soon harshly condemned the perceived difference between Obama’s rhetoric and his record. Haley claimed Obama has been ineffectual in dealing with both the economy and terrorism and expressed her desire for a “new direction” for America.

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Lotsa Links: Oregon moves forward, Oklahoma goes backward, and what else is new?

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Democracy for All?

By Alyssa Cox

Today, Illinois inaugurates a new governor who is likely to make major changes in the way the state is run. Bruce Rauner will inherit not only the governorship, but all of the state’s problems, and will need to take quick, decisive action to fulfill his mandate from November’s election.   Read more