Canada: A Closer Look At Your Northern Escape Plan

"The True North Strong and Free" (O Canada National Anthem) SO, if you're reading this blog, you're most likely into politics. if you're into politics, you're most likely following both the Democratic and Republican primaries. If you're following the Republican primary, you're most likely looking for an escape plan in the event that one of … Continue reading Canada: A Closer Look At Your Northern Escape Plan


What We’re Reading: Second Week

Here's what we read during Second Week in the Second City: Originally written in 2012, but sadly still so relevant today, The Simple Truth About Gun Control On Bernie Sanders, millenials, and socialism: The Populist Prophet In swing state New Hampshire (a swing state), Gov. Hassan is challenging Sen. Ayotte (who voted against gun control in 2013); … Continue reading What We’re Reading: Second Week

What We’re Reading: First Week

Outside of the whirlwind of classes, a lot went down this week. Here's a few of the stories we've been reading. In his press conference on the Umpqua shooting, Obama pushed the country to finally institute gun regulations. He cited the fact that we are the only advanced nation with mass shootings every few months; other … Continue reading What We’re Reading: First Week