My Glimpse Behind the Curtain of Campaign Finance “Laws”

By Mikala Cohen

While we all know that money and politics go hand-in-hand in all branches of government, it is difficult to grasp the reality of this situation. Moreover, I know that Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission is arguably the greatest travesty of a judicial decision in the 21st century, but it is impossible to fully grasp its enormous and far-reaching proliferation. In my opinion, it is incredibly difficult for people to fully understand how influential every monetary contribution is on how candidates campaign for office, get elected to various positions and exercise the “power” they have. Through my experiences this summer as hill-tern and financial campaign intern in Washington D.C. and Virginia, I’ve managed to get a glimpse into how the cogs of the political machine are greased and rusted by money.

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EPA: Let’s Low-key Save the Earth

By Robin Ye

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is an unequivocally great federal agency. I’ve never been in another place that has inspired so much belief in a worthy mission. The EPA’s mission is “to protect human health and the environment” – and it does a damn good job at it. Even after one summer internship, I’m pretty convinced this won’t be my last tour through the EPA when it’s all said and done.

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Where Progress Happens

By Rachel Neuburger

The West Wing sparked my interest in politics. This is unfortunate. According to Mark Leibovich, the West Wing caused a wave of millennials to study Political Science, move to Washington with dreams of affecting Bartlet-scale change, and suddenly realize just how hard it is to make progress on a federal scale. Former idealists become enmeshed in the glued-to-the-news-cycle, no-progress mess of revolving doors that is our nation’s capital.

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