What We’re Reading: Eighth Week

Only six days of class left, let's go. Before you do anything else, bad lip reading of the first Democratic Debate: Some great reads from the past week... President Obama and Bill Simmons: The GQ Interview "There's the president of the United States, and then there’s the person who happens to be the President of the … Continue reading What We’re Reading: Eighth Week


What We’re Reading: Third Week

We're all abuzz with speculation over what might be the impact of the Democrats' first primary debate. Here are some articles exploring how things are setting up for 2016 on both the right and left: Roll Call is a fantastic source for Capitol Hill news (not an article, but a  website you should keep bookmarked!) CBS's big monthly poll of … Continue reading What We’re Reading: Third Week

Democratic Primary Debate Schedule

Hopefully, if nothing else, you found Thursday's Republican debate, shall we say, entertaining.  There's a couple trends in opinion on who won or lost, but for the most part it seems we'll just have to wait and see to find out what it all means. It's not long till the next Republican debate (September 16 on CNN), but it won't be until October 13 … Continue reading Democratic Primary Debate Schedule