What We’re Reading: 3rd Week

It was a big week for us here at UC Dems (shoutout to all who came to our Democratic Debate last night!), but we still got some reading in. Here's the news that caught our interest this week: The chaos of the GOP presidential candidate field isn't going to be resolved quickly after the primaries … Continue reading What We’re Reading: 3rd Week


Style not Substance: A Response to Governor Haley’s Response

Governor Haley began her response magnanimously, recognizing the importance of President Obama’s election to the country and alluding to the troubled pasts of South Carolina and the union as a whole. Although Haley extended a gracious hand to the other side of the aisle in the opening moments of her speech, she soon harshly condemned the perceived difference between … Continue reading Style not Substance: A Response to Governor Haley’s Response

What We’re Reading: Third Week

We're all abuzz with speculation over what might be the impact of the Democrats' first primary debate. Here are some articles exploring how things are setting up for 2016 on both the right and left: Roll Call is a fantastic source for Capitol Hill news (not an article, but a  website you should keep bookmarked!) CBS's big monthly poll of … Continue reading What We’re Reading: Third Week

What We’re Reading: Second Week

Here's what we read during Second Week in the Second City: Originally written in 2012, but sadly still so relevant today, The Simple Truth About Gun Control On Bernie Sanders, millenials, and socialism: The Populist Prophet In swing state New Hampshire (a swing state), Gov. Hassan is challenging Sen. Ayotte (who voted against gun control in 2013); … Continue reading What We’re Reading: Second Week

Democratic Primary Debate Schedule

Hopefully, if nothing else, you found Thursday's Republican debate, shall we say, entertaining.  There's a couple trends in opinion on who won or lost, but for the most part it seems we'll just have to wait and see to find out what it all means. It's not long till the next Republican debate (September 16 on CNN), but it won't be until October 13 … Continue reading Democratic Primary Debate Schedule