What We’re Reading: 3rd Week

It was a big week for us here at UC Dems (shoutout to all who came to our Democratic Debate last night!), but we still got some reading in. Here's the news that caught our interest this week: The chaos of the GOP presidential candidate field isn't going to be resolved quickly after the primaries … Continue reading What We’re Reading: 3rd Week


What We’re Reading: Eighth Week

Only six days of class left, let's go. Before you do anything else, bad lip reading of the first Democratic Debate: Some great reads from the past week... President Obama and Bill Simmons: The GQ Interview "There's the president of the United States, and then there’s the person who happens to be the President of the … Continue reading What We’re Reading: Eighth Week

What We’re Reading: Second Week

Here's what we read during Second Week in the Second City: Originally written in 2012, but sadly still so relevant today, The Simple Truth About Gun Control On Bernie Sanders, millenials, and socialism: The Populist Prophet In swing state New Hampshire (a swing state), Gov. Hassan is challenging Sen. Ayotte (who voted against gun control in 2013); … Continue reading What We’re Reading: Second Week

Jim Inhofe and the Message Battle on Climate Change

Now that Republicans have gained the majority in the Senate, they will be looking to clock legislative victories and demonstrate that they can effectively lead. Democrats will attempt to undermine them without looking obstructionist, and try to portray the Republican Party as conservative and hopelessly out of touch. In the Senate there is perhaps no … Continue reading Jim Inhofe and the Message Battle on Climate Change

On to the Next One: Predicting 2016

Yeah, the midterms weren't fun, but we can clean things up in 2016.  Or can we? Larry J. Sabato founded and directs the University of Virginia Center for Politics.  He's also in charge of the Center's Crystal Ball, a website which tries to predict election results.  They provide analysis on presidential, senate, and gubernatorial races, as … Continue reading On to the Next One: Predicting 2016